Splitting cable entry


Often with the cables come the connectors and very often the connectors can not be removed and re-attached. The delicate data cables, HDMI´s etc. are difficult or impossible to re-join at site. The splitting cable entry plate is the solution that lets the cables be
installed with the connectors and on top of that the cables can be changed as often as wanted. Choose splitting cable entry plate for fast, safe and versatile installations.

Splitting cable entry plates SCG and MC are intended for leading through both low and medium power current cables, but also various kinds of tubing.

Splitting cable entry plates SCG and MC are new type of metal and plastic reinforced cable entry plate made of different types of polymers (TPE and PP-GF).

They meet the requirements of IP55 protection class without the need of any additional gaskets or grommets. This makes it very easy to use and provides many benefits for compact installation unit.
Splitting cable entry plates SCG and MC are suitable for both inand outdoor application and operating temperature range is from -40 °C to +90 °C.