Distribution block SLT


Distribution blocks are designed for copper and aluminium conductors. The blocks are suitable for all types of copper or aluminium conductors with cross-section up to 50 mm² (Al) / 35 mm² (Cu).
Multiple copper wires can be placed to the blocks according to the respective terminal type. IP protection class for blocks is IP23.
All blocks have 4 or 6 main terminals and two of them (SLT 50-4-3, SLT 50-6-3) additional connections
(1) up to 2,5 mm2 for connecting small cables, e.g. LED lights.
Distribution blocks are tested and certified class A connectors.

Distribution blocks are tested and certified by following standards:
* EN 60947-7-1:2009, * EN 61238-1:2003

Distribution blocks are used inside metal poles or in separate boxes. The items are soon available with DIN rails1