Sheer bolt cable lugs and cable connectors

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Shear Bolt lugs are used for terminating aluminium or copper conductors in applications up to 12kV.


• Shear Bolt technology allows installation of the lugs using a regular wrench or a spanner, no crimping or other special tools are needed.

• Morek Shear Bolt cable lugs are range taking products that can be used with conductors of varying cross-sections, accommodating a wide range of conductors with only a few items.

• Shear Bolt lugs’ specially designed aluminium bodies are made of high-strength aluminium alloy and are tin-plated, allowing their use with both aluminium and copper conductors.

• Bolts made of aluminium or tin-plated brass are designed to break at the exact torque required for best electrical connection.

• Shear Bolts are treated with special antioxidation grease to ensure the lubrication and eliminate all kinds of oxidation in places of electrical contact.

• All Morek Shear Bolt lugs are watertight and suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, to be used with solid, stranded, sector shaped and round conductors with plastic or oil-impregnated paper isolation.

• Shear Bolt lugs are compatible with most termination kits by many manufacturers. Compact design requires less installation space, especially for larger sizes.

Technical specifications:

• Nominal voltage up to 12kV

• Suitable for copper and aluminium conductors

• Bolts are treated with antioxidation grease


Lug body: tin-plated high-strength aluminium alloy

Aluminium-bolt cable lug bolts: aluminium alloy

Brass-bolt cable lug bolts: tin-plated brass