Multigate, simple

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Single cable multigates can be used with low to medium current cables and various types of pipes. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and are also available in PG and mm apertures.
Single cable guides are available in polymer designs with various characteristics such as weather, UV and ozone resistant, oil resistant and RoHS compliant.
T-VET and T-GET are new designs that can be used as sealing plugs. Both designs provide perfect protection against dust and water jets, and provide max. It is also resistant to water submersion up to 1 m (IP67).
Single cable entries for T-VET and T-GET are standard made of TPE materials. They are also available in other colors and materials (eg EMC material).
T-VET and T-GET single cable guides are tested and certified by SGS Fimko, the Finnish authority responsible for safety standards for electrical equipment.